Friday, November 13, 2009


Friday, May 22, 2009

I had surgery yesterday, my first time ever! I was really nervous, but the nurses were just wonderful! My parents too. Both came to witness...and I am sure after the 4 hours of waiting while I was in surgery was worth it afterwards...I had some crazy things to say!! I guess I wanted to hit a home run really really bad! And I had to go to the bathroom so bad I thought I was going to explode, so when I sat up I threw up...the nurse caught it though so all was good. My knee had a lot more damage than they originally thought! I ended up getting my miniscus shaved and since it was torn they just sewed it back up. I have stithces inside of my knee! Interesting. My ACL was I got a cadaver graft put in there. It is held in with two scews, one on each side! I hope the metal detectors go off when I go through them now :) They took some pictures of my knee but they are only on paper so I found similar ones on the internet so you can see! Exciting eh?

This picture above is a torn ACL...looks gross eh? Mine looked a bit different because my ACL has been ripped and torn so many times it was gone!

This is of a cadaver graft that they would put into your knee...again mine is a little different because you can see the scews on each side! I hope this new person inside of me was very athletic :)

This final picture is of damaged miniscus. Mine was sewed up right where that line was, and than on the bottom there was a huge peice sticking off that they shaved off so that I don't die? I don't know, I think it was rubbing everything and hurting me. I am still pretty drugged up so at this point I am doing great! They say that since I had so much done I can't start therapy for awhile, and its going to be a long process to fully recover. I can't play sports for 6-9 months which will be the ultimate killer. It will all be worth it in the end though! And my family is soooo great to me and take such good care of me...I am being pampered!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

My family and I just got back from our usual Lake Mead trip! It was such good weather, the Marina said 105 degrees on the first day! Even though I couldn't do much because of my knee, I had a lot of fun watching the others and riding in the boat! Kyle took me for an easy ride on the tube was fun! These are pictures from the ride up there. Jordo, Brax, Ty and I all rode in the back of the truck. We took lots of pictures and played card games to pass the time!

These pictures are our 'Lake Shots' Jordan was sick the whole time, and didn't want his picture taken!

It was an AMAZING time at the lake! :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

It has been fairly nice weather and Tyler, his friend Geoff, Lucky and I went up Hyrum Canyon and played catch and in the river! It was so much fun! Geoff is a photographer man so he snapped a few cute shots of Tyler and I. Don't worry, they are not engagements or anything!

I think my computer is being so silly! I can't find how to change the font and color of my letters and you just get the same ol' same ol' over and over again! For Easter we all went to St. George for the annual 'FUN IN THE SUN' Easter getaway :) It was really nice weather for the most part, and I even got to go to Cedar and hang out with my friend Meggan and then to Tylers house for more fun and car work! Tyler painted his car black and red, it looks really nice! It has been great to be able to hang out with Tyler so much, especially in the sun! It was fun to be with the younger generation of the family too, they are all growing up and are so much fun!

Its getting to be the end of the school year at Utah State...and I am so happy that I am not worrying about finals right now and having to do homework!! :) I have been going to a lot of end of year banquets, however, and a lot of my favorite people will be graduating!! This is a picture of my Transfer Ambassadors. I LOVE USU AMBASSADORS!

My wonderful parents let me and my friend Kaylie take the Jazz tickets! I love the Utah Jazz and wish them luck against the Lakers...even though I know it would be a miracle if they pulled this one off! GO JAZZ! :)
This is all pretty old news but for the Priesthood session all of us girls went to Market Street Grill for dinner! This is the best part of Conference Weekend every 6 months! Of course I love to hear the apostles speak too :) I love being with the girls! And little Braxton...although he hates being with the girls. We had a good fun time and then went shopping! I am so blessed to have such wonderful examples in my life! I LOVE YOU GIRLS!